Wednesday, May 21, 2014

studio photography (without the studio)

when I post a photo online (either here or on etsy or on facebook), what you see is just a tiny slice of a bigger picture.

my college photography teacher used to tell us to get the garbage out before we shot our pictures.

meaning, literally, look through the viewfinder and if you see garbage, set down your camera and go get rid of the garbage.

I thought you might like to see exactly how I set up for this particular kind of shot: pre-cropped.


(p.s. these are photo transfers on beach glass)


Ms. said...

GREAT..simple and just perfect.
Did you paint that piece of glass?

shadesofidaho said...

I would do this same thing when we were listing our house for sale. It is amazing what the camera would see and not my eye.

LOVE your photo transfers.

Unknown said...

Duh me - not saying what they are! I added a postscript - these are photo transfers on beach glass

Halle said...

Love your transfers. Photo tricks like that are a saving grace. I never seem to have a uncluttered space so I do similar to you...or if I'm in a big hurry I just go with the most uncluttered spot. :)

Anonymous said...

Love seeing that small bowl of your transfers, and your photos most definitely get the garbage out, I need to pay attention more. Thanks for the advice. xox

Caterina Giglio said...

your transfers are awsome and this is a good reminder! thanks!

Elizabeth said...

You are so incredible, Kim.

~*~Patty S said...

Beautiful glass pieces Kimmie and your photos are always a delight to behold too!
Happy Memorial Day weekend to you and yours oxo

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Now that I finally have a good camera (and a few hours access to my internet when it isn't crashing), I need a good place that doesn't have a cluttered background. You have a super set-up. I suspect I need to find some white board, because your photos are always perfect. So are your photo transfers.

Hope you are having a wonderful Memorial weekend.

Joe Artese said...

Kim, I love your scenes on glass!

It look as if these images were etched on fused glass by some extraordinary radiation.