Thursday, September 5, 2013

the world's trash ...

... is no one's treasure

this is some of the plastic I collected on a beach on the eastern shore of Kaua'i:

beach plastic washes ashore after swirling through the ocean currents for several years
Hawaii's beach plastic washes in from the Pacific Gyre
where does it all come from?
let's just say it can't blamed on cruise ships or cargo ships

it's where all the world's litter ends up - in the ocean - honest to God

so I sit in the comfort of my kitchen with clean water for my flowers and clean water for my tea
I wonder:
what will change our course or change our minds?

and then I make art that tells my children and their children's children the story of it

if the subject of ocean plastic interests you, here are some good links to follow:

And from you:
Amelia's link to artist Steve McPherson (marine plastic art)

Gayle's link to youTube video by Chris Jordan: Message from the Gyre (this made me cry)


Jill said...

First thing that comes to mind. Happy Meals. I'm guilty of buying them but we just recently out grew them. I complained and vented my guilt each time I bought one. Pretty sure I wasn't teaching the kids much as I still bought them.
Thank goodness you've made some beauty from the ick.

Elizabeth said...

Ominous beauty, for sure. To me, it's like the beauty of the tiger or the hawk before they pounce on something -- but then again, natural beauty is far less ominous than plastic drowning the ocean.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You make true beauty out of trash. I wish people would stop using our water as trash dumps. I live near the confluence of two rivers (about four blocks) and I see more trash than I care to mention. I can only imagine what washes up from the oceans of this world. Bless you for pointing this out.

Amelia said...

these are such stunning colours! I know what you mean about what changes one's mind, i think about these things often myself :)

Thank you for the links too. I run an online art-course and when of the things we do is look into found items for art/collage. I can include the wonderful beach link now too. I love the work of this person whom you might like too:

I'll be back!


Halle said...

It is a sad thing what people are doing to the planet. Your art piece is beautiful. At the very least you were able to make a statement with the trash.

Unknown said...

Dear Bleubeard and Elizabeth - did you know that the litter you have in Kansas will eventually make its way through the waterways all the way ownto the Gulf of Mexico? Think of rivers and streams a as roads and highways all leading to the coastlines. People don't think litter hurts. It does.

Anonymous said...

I know that ocean plastic and all kinds of other trash invade everything everywhere....Some places are looking at it as a resource. We should all things about the fact that trash is our most abundant resource right now and figure out a way to re use every scrap. Love that you are telling a story for your family with it. xox

Yvonne said...

Sad thing and education is the key in changing the situation. Art like yours will bring attention to the issue for sure. I know when it flooded in our Medina River, all kinds of debris ended up at the bottom of the dam, the stuff that didn't float (anythng and everything. At least plastic floats. So much ends up in our waters, it's sad.

Gayle Price said...

Thank you for bringing this sad, sad fact ie. plastic litter and the devastation it causes, to our attention. Your art work is always beautiful and more importantly meaningful. You may be interested in watching this..."Midway a message from the Gyre: a short film by Chris Jordan ". It's on uTube. Human carelessness and ignorance at it's destructive best. So very sad and frightening because I don't know the answer, or if there is one. xx

~*~Patty S said...

a powerful reminder that when people think they are throwing something away...
well hello
nothing goes away!

from trash to treasure in your artistic hands dear Kimmie ♥

sukipoet said...

amazing how something so dreadful can be so beautiful. I hadnt realized plastic glass replaced glass beach glass as objects to find on the beach.

Amelia said...

Hi Kim, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :) Its nice to know we are not alone in things. I was going to email you but couldn't find an email anywhere on your site or on your google page!


PS Also tried to follow your blog but the new google circles rather than blogger following confounds me! Oh well, I'm sure someone will enlighten me!

Zue said...

Such a lovely recycling project. We have this on our beaches too. Most people just walk over it, I , like you Kim, actively seek it out. Wonderful work!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

The plight of trash in general is awful. I know there are places worse than Kuwait, but honestly, the amount of trash that is in the streets each and every day is depressing. I can't understand in this day and age how people think it is okay to just throw their garbage all over the place without any respect or thought for the environment or the creatures that reside there. It's really very sad. Your artwork is lovely, though and makes great use of something that shouldn't be washing up on beaches around the world. Best wishes, Tammy