Wednesday, February 20, 2013

a sunglasses kind of day

... not today, but yesterday,
look how gorgeous it is:

(north everett looking east over the water plant)

so I cleaned up my sunglasses and realized I need a new case for them
I found a very very easy tutorial for this zippered pouch on Design Mom
(link is HERE)

it took five seams and only 2 of them are visible
I used scrap oilcloth fabric from sewing up lunch bags,
batting, lining fabric, and a zipper I never used from another project
15 minutes easy peasy (if you sew)


and look at this little beauty:

a crocus in the sunshine - is there anything sweeter?


Becca said...

Yes, it was a beautiful day! Love your eyeglass case too. I sew, but isn't that fabric difficult to so on? Very clever, love it!

Elizabeth said...

Both are so sweet!

barbara said...

how cute is that sunglass case!! bright and cheery or should i say bright and cherry??

Anonymous said...

Cute bag, what's not to love about oil cloth....and one as sunny and yellow as that. I saw that you were having sun, how nice. xox

Sherry said...

oh the joy and beauty of colour! That first photo looks like a painting and yet it's the "real deal" and wow it has an impact!

I love the flower and the sunglasses case speaks of sunshine, sunlight and warmth! All of which I am craving as we crawl towards the end of February.

Yvonne said...

Nice! Oilcloth is wonderful, isn't it. Is that a little bug peeking out from one of the flower petals. You caught him just right. The colors of the flower are just gorgeous. :)

Kim Mailhot said...

You lost me a zipper ! I am a straight line or mostly wonky lined kind of sew girl.
Love the crocus. Gives hope...
Happy Thursday !

sukipoet said...

Oh the sun. Oh the flower. Ah, the little pouch. can't sew except by hand but adore yours.

sharon said...

you are so lucky to have both sunshine and a flowering crocus!! That is a gorgeous view, and seeing the flower makes me smile. It is 20 degrees here today, 10 tonight, yuck...I am growing impatient and weary!

~*~Patty S said...

what a stunning landscape...I hope to see that in real life some day!

what a sweet herald of spring and I see an itty bitty ant too!

your eye glass case is super too!

Halle said...

So beautiful. I love your area of the country. Great job on the sunglass case. Bright and cheery oil cloth is perfect

*jean* said...

i can not thank you enough for sharing your beautiful, bright, colorful world right me fortitude...we just got 5 inches of snow and more on the way...ugh

super cute sunglasses case!!!

Linda Vincent said...

Your landscape photo is stunning...I have to keep going back and looking at it.
And the pouch is rather cute...thank you for the link. xx