Friday, March 2, 2012

what was that orange thing?

... in my previous post?
(Lynn was wondering)

it's a wall medallion I made (back in December) with dried oranges and moss


Gayle Price said...

OMGoodness ! I love this , it's so earthy and beautiful. How does it not go mouldy or just disintegrate ? If had this in Aus. the ants would be all over it I'm sure. It's beautiful Kimmie. xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

And the wreath still looks as beautiful as it did back then, too.

BTW, I love your beeswax collages. I really MUST get some old book covers. And maybe some French text (grin). I really like what you did with those.

Steph said...

THANK You dear friend for your kind thoughts....I've been busy at work and just returned from a volunteer mission trip....i have so much to share but just trying to find the time.....

I've been missing my bloghopping tooo and wow Kimmie I'm always impressed by your creativity....this is beautiful!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! that is super pretty! there must be something about dried oranges this winter. I have seen several artist using them throughout this season and it is really "refreshing" to see. They really have an old fashioned and yet revived appeal for something so dehydrated, lol.
Thanks for being YOU with your wonderful inspiration!

Gwen said...

This style of wreath is so beautiful. Fun to make, gorgeous to look at and has a heavenly scent, though I think it does not last. Then you can bring it out every year.

Lynn Cohen said...

Amazing piece, thanks for showing me/us the whole thing. Do you polish it with something to preserve the fruit? Quite the mandala!!!