Saturday, September 10, 2011

lightweight hanger

in my last post, Suki was wondering how to do the same type of wire hanger after the fact

for these lightweight collage assemblages I like a copper wire hanger
and if I remember to do it midway through the project,
I can add the wire directly through my backer board

but in this example,
I wasn't thinking ahead, and had to add it after the fact
I ought to explain that the wheat thins cardboard was left face up on purpose
it's a tongue in cheek nod to recycling and was meant to cheer the person this piece is for

as Jean pointed out to me at one time,
this kind of thrift and recycling was known as tramp art in the last century
I like the idea of tramp art :)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I went back and read your previous post. This is one highly layered piece of recycled beauty. What a gorgeous way to recycle through your art. And this hanger is darling. And I like the idea of tramp art, too. It sounds very depression-ish. Probably a good idea in this economy, too.

sukipoet said...

oh yes. thank you. so you put the wire through the wheat thins part and then glued. you know, i will try that.

i had been gluing the string (in my case) to the back of the paper and then gluing on top of that a cloth or piece of matboard to hold the string in place.

this has worked in the past for me, but as i said recently the strings have come off, slipped through the matboard.

i am also thinking the glue i use has changed in texture and consistency and now does not dry well. mostly YES paste.