Monday, August 22, 2011

vacation tea

as I write this, we are spending our last day of vacation in arizona
we have been spending time with family
relaxing with a low key schedule
reuniting with seldom seen loved ones
rejuvenating in the sunshine

mornings are spent on the porch, enjoying early morning warmth and wildlife

august is actually a wonderful time to visit arizona

the almost daily afternoon thunderstorms bring the desert into bloom

all of these flowers are in my mother-in-law's "bee and butterfly" garden

the bees are plentiful .... as are the butterflies, hummingbirds, rabbits, lizards, doves and hawks

it has been such a pleasure to sit outdoors without needing a sweater

the sounds of gentle conversation and of rolling thunder in the mountains

it has been a real treat for the senses

the time has been brief, but full
sweet in the snatches of moments and memories
we are happy to return home
... and comforted in the knowledge of many homes in many places

happy tea on a tuesday in august!


Yvonne said...

Yes, AZ is wonderful any time. But with fall in the air (somewhere, not here :)) I know it is wonderful. Glad you are having fun. Happy tea day. My chai ice cream post is here if you ever want to try it.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Beautiful photos of the desert. I knew about the desert blooming in April, but never in August. Very nice to know. Hope you are enjoying your vacation.

With tongue in cheek and to add a bit of humor to the day:

~*~Patty S said...

Oh how perfectly lovely dear Kimmie...I can feel the warm sunshine and almost smell the gorgeous flowers too

Brilliant photos as always...I would like to visit Arizona some day for certain!

Happy August days to you and yours
oh and here is my tea post for today:

ooglebloops said...

Beautiful photos - I see where your hubbie got his love of gardening?
Enjoy the rest of your vacation!Drop by for tea, if you get a chance.

Caterina Giglio said...

delightful bee and butterfly garden! bet the hummers like it as well... I grew up in Scottsdale, but do not miss the heat!! "many homes in many place" how lovely...
thanks for the tea... xx

Judy said...

Happy Tuesday...happy vacation. I've only visited AZ from the airport in Phoenix...your beautiful photos and description make me want to return.


Becca said...

Oh kimmie, such beautiful photos of Arizona. Yes, I think it is a much prettier desert there than where I live. I wish we would get those afternoon thunderstorms too, but they never seem to make it over here. Glad you enjoyed your visit. I am enjoying my coffee outside in the early morning hours before it gets to 110 today!

*jean* said...

beautiful! a treat for my falling into fall's coming too soon here...the chill is there in the morning...i think your photos show your joy, miss kimmie...thank you.

Nancy said...

Your blog is such a lovely place to come to :) your photos are gorgeous. I've just checked the past couple of posts and Love the rain pics!
Hello to all the tea drinkers :)

Anonymous said...

Who knew so much would be blooming in AZ in August. Looks like a perfect spot to sit and sip tea. xox Corrine

Lynn Cohen said...

Gorgeous flower photos!!!!!
Glad you had such a relaxing time with family. enjoy!

Jill said...

Happy Tea Day Kimmy! I'm happy to hear you've had a nice get away!

Photocat said...

Haha... always am in Phoenix at my mother in law in January. A nice treat from cold grey England. You are the first person that I am hearing say that Phoenix in August is wonderful. I believe you when I see those gorgeous macro like shots of flowers and bees... Have fun! Say hello my MIL when you see her. ;o))

Unknown said...

Aaaaah, I am there with you enjoying the flora and fauna. Thanks for sharing your vacation tea! :)

She Who Doodles said...

sounds like a relaxing vacation. i would have never expected to see the color in arizona this time of year. beautiful pics.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Wow! Everything is looking beautiful in the AZ desert -- not so much here in the desert of Kuwait. :/ Gorgeous images! Sounds like your time has been lovely and relaxing. Best wishes as you travel back "home". Tammy

sukipoet said...

colorful flowers, a rich landscape. glad your family had a short vacation. it is always good to get away.

Elizabeth said...

What beautiful photos -- I just loved scrolling down through them. I am happy that you're having such a relaxing, restful time --