Thursday, January 6, 2011

a cool tute

*jean* at Bluebirds is having a really good watercolor tutorial

she sent me this beautiful little hanging teacup in the mail
you can follow her step by step "tute" posted on her blog
I got my work done for today and now I can play
(for a little while at least)

here I am midway through "watercolor teacup part one:"

thank you *jean* for the great inspiration!


*jean* said...

u r welcome, sweet kimmie, can't wait to see your cups! i'm sure they will be stunning like all your WC work is...

Lynn Cohen said...

Happy Painting! Love the cups.

ELK said...

i have enjoyed seeing this on her sight..and you have rearranged here ..looks good as always!!

Kristin said...

This is so lovely, thanks for sharing!

S. Etole said...

headed that way ...

~*~Patty S said...

Jean is amazing
wish I could settle down and give her great tutorials a whirl...Love what you've done already two always inspire me

Happy Weekend to you and yours!

Halle said...

I know this should be about your tea cup watercolors but....I'm in love with the cabinet and hardware that it is hanging from! I'm assuming it's in your home?!? Is it a cupboards...??? Inquiring minds want to least this one!

rebecca said...

i have recently been completely seduced with painting. it seems my whole life i have made my way through art...but it has been the type of process that demands the highest craftsmanship and precision. giant stained glass windows...mosaic murals..
and yet, i look at paintings.. sumptuous lines and i see such emotion and life. coming from a background of painstaking process...i have stood on the sidelines...viewing painting as foreign...outside my comprehension.

finally...i realized one of my trepidations was the value of canvas, clayboards...the pure empty white....which all appears to deserve knowing hands.
so i asked myself...what if? what if i cut open large brown paper bags? what if i round up my now grown son's childhood paintbrushes. what if i just BEGIN. so i have. one line at a time. just black and white on grocery bags.
i have found heaven! freedom...and supreme pleasure.

thank you for inspiring the work of your hands. and here too from jean and so many countless others.