Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a wild lotus

(Lotus strigosus)

This is another fire annual in my little series (see these posts).
From what I read about this one, it grows in "disturbed earth."
I imagined giant bulldozers and earth movers creating housing pads for sub-divisions .... a common sight in Southern California ..... they do more than "disturb" the earth ..... but maybe this miraculous plant is one that would erupt out of such a horrid place in the spring after the winter rains.
These wildflowers are truly miraculous.
Growing in fire scar areas and disturbed earth.
You go girl.


nancy neva gagliano said...

yeah, you go girl!! i think it's important to cheer on our friends in nature, like your flowers and MY arch!! wildflowers and vines and all are not inanimate objects, and are often the best 'conversationalists', (hmmm, is that a word?)..and they definitely hear your cheers.
"a wild lotus", sort of an oxymoron. i'll write a haike pondering that!

Terri Kahrs said...

Lovely little piece about a courageous little flower, Kimmie. Your watercolor drawing is so pretty. Such a beautiful series! Hugs, Terri

Elizabeth said...

I am so enjoying this series, Kim. It's just so dang emblematic...

Nihal said...

Oh my, you are a great artist, Kimmie! This page dedicated to your art works is full of great ideas&musings. And, your lovely watercolor is a treasure and brightened my dark, gray, Istanbul day. Thank you. So pretty, reminds me of the poppies I had in my aunt's garden:)

Linda Vincent said...

How lovely and delicate Kimmie....I like the way you paint straight onto the paper. It reminds me of a plant we call 'vetch' over here...or 'birdsfoot trefoil' which is yellow and red (my gran used to tell me it was called 'egg and bacon' - happy memories!)

Odd Chick said...

May we all blossom in our "disturbed earth"! I love these hopeful little paintings and posts!

And I got my Montana Gold from TeaSource and it is an excellent herbal tea!! thank you so much for the recommendation.