Thursday, January 22, 2009


Friendship Windows

I discovered a new challenge: "One Powerful Hour." The idea being that using their prompt, you create something in one hour. Today's prompt is "windows." I literally did this in one hour. Starting at 9:10 and ending at 10:10. It was a fun challenge because I kept adding stuff and doing stuff until my hour was up. I think the only thing I'll add to this will be a wire hanger.

My windows are actually charms with the loopy thing broken off with pliers. The door is made from a scrap of an aluminum pie tin. The roof is handmade paper I made over the summer. The rooster is from a children's book. The faces are stickers. The ric-rac is velveteen.

I put a number 2 on the door because the little girls are "2" friends. The door itself is gold because "old" friends are "gold" friends, and though they are young, their friendship is not only for today (aujourd'hui) but also for many years to come ..... 


Khaled KEM said...

It's very nice.
Kimmie, are you going to make anything for Valentine? i would like to have something original and different for my wife.

Unknown said...

How sweet! If I do, I'll put them in my online shop on Etsy and let you know about it!

Unknown said...

Oh your two friends are fabulous. Did you use an old sead packet as the background? The windows are perfect and I love the door...I am so going to have to remember that. This does not look like it only took an hour! Very nice piece!

Just so you know...the hour is kinda flexible :) We don't count drying time...otherwise I would never make it.

Thanks so much for taking the challenge...looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work.

Jane said...

Wow! You did all that in an hour? You're a star!