Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inchie Goofiness


I'm in an upcoming inchie swap, and one of the categories is "food." I was stumped for an idea, until I came across this cheese stamp. On a one inch square space there was just enough room for a face poking out from under it like the cheesehead hats in Greenbay. I'm a "reformed" cheesehead myself (cheese is fattening - boo hoo!) .... but in the small world of inchies I can wear it on my head and still look stylish :)

How to's: Stamped cheese, doodled face ... go make an inchie my friend!


Anonymous said...

Totally FUN!! Sometimes the best ideas come out of the blue---Love it.

Khaled KEM said...

A funny post. You have talent picking on the little hidden things.

*jean* said...

HA! toooo funny! you know, we see quite a few of those around here!!

Elizabeth said...

love the cheesehead -- and again, I want to make an inchie but have no idea how