Thursday, April 8, 2010

critique time

I don't like this weird little valley

and I don't like these bulky ridges

Your critique and encouragement is important to me .... it's the closest thing I have to being in art class.

Teri said: "I love the trees" - I was being a little bit lazy and they are a happy accident

Elizabeth said: "I am so interested in hearing about your artistic process" - I lightly sketched the basic composition in pencil. I break down the shapes of things. So the trees in the foreground have a definite shape and boundary; the trees marching up the ridge are shaped like pebbles; and the rolling hills and ridges are larger, flatter stones. I think that my poor eyesight trained me to see things as shapes.

Ale said: "and if you think something is missing ... what??? some of your lovely words perhaps??" - I don't think I'll add any words to this - but I may take Jan's photograph and make some altered art with it and add words there.

Monica O said: "it's an original and naive landscape painting" - I can't even begin to tell you what a compliment that word "naive" is to me. That was my goal.

Terri Kahrs said: "walk away from it for a few hours and then go back to it with new eyes" - always always good advice .... that could be a life rule for just about anything :)

Renee said: "wondering when/if you would get back to painting in the style you used with the dots (Australia)" - my comfort level is not very high with trying to paint what I see - sometimes it's just easier to play with paper and glue - especially when it's only one inch.

Elizabeth said: "if I could paint like that, I would be happy, happy." - if it made me happy, I could quit taking so much Vitamin D, B complex, fish oil and St. John's Wort - just kidding :)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

OK, I agree about the trees. That one area could use one tree behind the two that are there now.

Not sure about the bulky ridges. I think you are seeing it because you want to see it. That part looks great to me.

Maybe if you laid off the St. John's Wort for awhile, things would get clearer (joke).

La Dolce Vita said...

I think it is wonderfully expressive and stylized and perfect the way it is!

Jo said...

Firstly, colours - gorgeous.
Secondly, composition - really interesting, making me think what, where etc.
Thirdly, style - reminds me of beautiful silk painting, which is a good thing.
Lastly, it's a great idea to ask for the critique of others - I find that sometimes my inner critic can shout down creativity!

Laura said...

Well, I think it is beautiful! The colors are incredible and the style and shapes are sooo soothing (and lovely to look at). I think you must be way too critical of yourself, but then most of us are!

Elizabeth said...

This is great -- I think you should do it more often. Let us ask questions of your greatness...

and I giggled at your response to Elizabeth about being happy, happy, happy --

Odd Chick said...

what a great way to take the critiques and share back with your audience! i love getting critiques myself, without this community, I'm certain I would not be growing.
I love your art but I can see what you mean about the deep valley. You could leave it if there was something on the otherside to balance it... but i love the colors and the textures!!!

*jean* said...

kimmie do you have any graphite paper and tracing paper?? you could trace your drawing with the tracing paper, sans the valley you don't like, lay it down on another piece with the graphite paper in between and trace a new piece to paint...if no graphite paper you can make it with a pencil rubbed on the side all over a piece of copy paper...this is a great water colorist tool...water color is not forgiving so sometimes it needs a do over...HTH, i LOVE the colors!!

Dianne said...

I think it is very creative and unique... I love the colors and the shapes... I wish I could paint in an abstract sort of way... When I use my pastels, I obsess over small details and realism... I think I would find this kind of painting very freeing... but I'm afraid to try... I'm glad you try... and succeed... It's quite lovely.

Jeanie Callaghan said...

I like it as is and I really, REALLY like the colors!

Cindy Wills said...

I don't like the weird little valley either. Try omitting it.

Chriss Rollins said...

perfect as it is.

have a wonderful weekend x

Caryl said...

Don't be so critical of your work. The colours are rich, clean and so attractive. I love the way you have separated details. I don't paint in water colours but I have tried, so appreciate the work you have done. I love it.