Friday, February 13, 2015

love poem

In the past,
before I knew love,
my lips would speak of love.

But tell me now
And disclose -
speak and answer me.

Reveal to my heart
The secrets
The wonders
The ways of love.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Art supply rebel that I am -
expensive mats, frames,  and framing
are not immune to my rebellion

I prefer to do it my own way
These are all my latest photo transfers on canvas board.
With each one I've painted a border.
Copper tape, solder, jump rings, and a short chain finish them off.
I rather like the result.
You might say it borders on something ...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

old photo redux

I want to show you what I created today.
I started with a color copy of an old photo 
(this picture is of my father-in-law and his twin brother - isn't it cute?)
The color copy is from the copy center (not my printer) and the ink is not water soluble - so I can safely work on it with paint.

First I mounted the photo on foam core.
Then I used watercolor paints to tint the photo.
Next: gessoed a border, upon which I painted a pattern with acrylic paint.
I added the word "twins," copper foiled the edge, and attached jump rings for a chain. 

It now hangs happily in my home.

The story is that the larger boy on the right would take the baby bottle of the boy on the left - hence he is larger. 
But it's just a story.
My guess (as a Mom) is that one boy was quiet and earnest. The other was go go go.
The quiet, earnest boy is my father-in-law. To this day he is a quiet and reflective man - as sweet as they come.

Monday, February 2, 2015

the value of a daily practice

some days I have no idea what to create

that's when a daily practice comes in handy
sometimes it's an art journal page
but lately it's a daily photo prompt

I like using Capture Your 365 for that 
... today's prompt was "blurred backgrounds"

and when I sat at my desk with a blank slate, that was enough to get me started today

I brought some things into focus

and let other things blur into the background

a metaphor for my day

Monday, January 26, 2015

color pop

Acrylic painting on canvas
-it was an experiment-
Let me tell you the process
This began as a photo transfer - which failed.
I was rushing it and rubbed most of the image completely off.
My next step was to attack it with paint.
I painted the grass and shadow background in the aboriginal style of Australia which I LOVE so much.
For the dog, I very carefully painted over the image (which was mostly intact) in a paint by numbers style. By that I mean that I limited myself to 4-5 colors and worked dark to light in distinct sections without blending. I left the eyes alone because they were a good transfer and I knew I'd really mess it up there.
Then for the ball, I just gave it the Pop Art treatment. I chose orange because of the strong color contrast and painted it as flat orange circle with no shading.
My goal was to mix realism with primitivism and end up with something playful.

Now to you who are sitting under a blanket of snow today - may you dream of warmer, more colorful, more playful times. They aren't so far away as it feels.

Friday, January 23, 2015

our world

nearly three years ago I wrote this post: 
about the coming of Walmart to the next town over

at that time I had painted the painting below 
trying to capture the beautiful forested ridge that would soon be spoiled

here it is today:

I went in looking for a bathroom rug.
Didn't find one and walked out without a single purchase.
Sadly happy for that.

This store is open 24 hours.
It was eerie to walk through a nearly vacant, buzzing blue lighted store.
Smelling newly minted plastic.
Hearing an arguing, hollow eyed, too skinny, too pale, too young couple (meth? heroine?)
Imagining a forest floor that once was.

Our world.