Tuesday, October 20, 2009

on sweetness

Today is "tea on tuesday," but I just wasn't much in the mood for tea.
It's Hot Cocoa instead.
This morning I got to thinking about my blog(s), what does it all mean to me, why do I do it, and the evolution of it all.
I guess what got the wheels turning was listening to the radio while driving around this morning. KUOW is our local NPR station and this mornings guests were local women with food blogs. They were talking about blogging and the weirdness of it, the love of it, the compulsion of it, the community of it, the evolution of it.
Why blog?
Oh it's just so sweet!
Maybe it's weird taking pictures of tea, spiderwebs, summer flowers, art and other homemade things .... but it's all for love.
And the result?
evolution (aka personal growth)
community (aka friendships)
and sweetness.

Sweetness like this Hot Cocoa:
(recipe is from Jamie Oliver "The Naked Chef")
  • Put some milk on to boil (but don't boil it)
  • Add 1 tablespoon each of cocoa powder and sugar to a mug.
  • Pour some of the milk, at the "warm" stage, in the mug to dissolve the cocoa and sugar.
  • Plop in a marshmallow or two.
  • At the "almost boiling" stage, froth the rest of the milk with a whisk.
  • Pour into your mug, being careful to spoon the froth in over the top of it all.
Please visit these other lovely bloggers for their tea on tuesday:


Judy said...

O that looks delicious! It's finally getting cool enough around these parts for hot chocolate. I been drinking detox tea today...and am about to switch to something else. Maybe I'll see how hot chocolate hits the spot...but I ate my last marshmallow last night. It's always cool enough for marshmallows. :)

*jean* said...

oooo delish!! perfect for our rainy cool day tomorrow! and yes, blogging is sweetness...how else would we have met? love your post and am reminded of why i started...to find others in my tribe...ones who love spiderwebs, handmade and warmth...


Loved you post, since I have thought of this myself. But who else can we share the picture we just took, as crazy as it seems, or the joy we feel at birth, or to express our sadness, concern, happiness, silliness.
Why NOT blog? And as Jean said, how else would we have met?
I cherish my blogger friends.

Annette Q said...

Oooo, was it as delicious as it looks Kimmie?! I always love a bit of Jamie Oliver recipes!
Great post, I'm such a happier person since I started blogging earlier this year, and for so many reasons. Thank you for reminding me of why blogging makes me so happy :-)

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

I think Jamie Oliver could convince me to try just about anything ;)thank you for sharing the recipe!
Your cup of cocoa looks lovely!
I just noticed while we were away that when I said to a stranger (in context of course LOL) that I have a blog, I felt like I needed to explain...I think there are blogs and then there are blogs ...I feel so blessed to be connected in the mixed media realm of bloglandia and very grateful for the sweet friendships too!
Happy T Tuesday Dear Kimmie! oxo

Anonymous said...

Saweeetness indeed Kimmie- Love the cocoa, and Jamie is a fine guy to share a recipe like that! Enjoy your day....xoxo Christen

ELK said...

i am happy that we are blogging friends Kimmie ~cheers!

ooglebloops said...
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ooglebloops said...

It does look yummy!! I didn't have tea today either - just got my post up!!!
I enjoy blogging sooooo much - (thanks Patty!) it's an outlet, it's a way to make new friends, to share, to learn, to express oneself in a way that might not happen any other way. It's also sometimes hard to explain blogging to a non-blogger. Blogging is an addiction I can't live without!!! LOL

Terri Kahrs said...

Just what I needed tonight, Kimmie! Sweet words and a sweet treat! Thank you for your recipe. Hugs, Terri

Elizabeth said...

Yum. Maybe I'll surprise my boys with that in the morning.

And the comments about blogs -- who the hell knows, but it's certainly an incredible experience.

Rosie said...

You are so right - sometimes I wonder why I do it too! It's all about love - loving what we do and loving to share it with people who understand. Your cocoa looks fantastic, I could do with some of that myself!

Mulot B. said...

hummmmm... delicious !

Mollye said...

This cuppa hot chocolate looks almost like something I think I need to run out in this rain to buy. Seriously I love the stuff but try to only have it on very special occasions because I can put on some pounds in a hurry. When I was a wee child, my family would go upstate New York from the deep south where we lived to visit my father's family and one of the quirky things I'll always remember was that we kids could stop in the taverns along Main Street and order a cup of Hot Chocolate and it was always served with three or four Saltine Crackers on the little saucer. I've always loved the combination but never found anyone who was familiar with it.

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Oh yes - hot chocolate! Have you ever tried Theo's chipolte spiced sipping chocolate? Makes me feel like an Inca goddess!

Linda Vincent said...

Looks gorgeous.....must go and update my shopping list for this week - marshmallows!
So glad I found your blog Kimmie.

Cole said...

this post made me smile :) I also love tea- but lately my caffeine needs have been more urgent...thank you for your kind well wishes for the baby. The sweaters you showed in the other post that you knit for your dear ones are lovely!

Jan said...

I enjoy treating myself to hot chocolate often. A friend shared a similar recipe, 1 T cocoa powder, 1 T splenda, 1 T powdered milk added to heated coffee(~1/2 of my mug, I am notorious for only drinking the top half of my coffee) then I add milk to fill the cup then heat again. I don't use marshmallows in an attempt to keep the calories down. It reduces the guilt...I used to have to limit myself to one cup a week with a higher calorie version.
Yours looks much richer and more decadent. Yummmmmm.

I sure hope your blogging is good for you, cuz I enjoy sharing your sweet spirit!!! Thank you.