Friday, June 21, 2013

one fine day 11

we made organic strawberry jam on this one fine day
(6 lbs yielded 12 jars of varying sizes)
most of it will be for my sister's family who all love their p.b. & j.'s
(not my kids - can you believe it? - I grew up on it - and you probably did too)


Caterina Giglio said...

blueberry not strawberry... I grew up on that! but it looks great!

Elizabeth said...

It looks delightful.

Halle said...

The jam looks wonderful! I have to do a trial for myself real soon...last time I had strawberries I broke out in hives all over my face. I love strawberries but not so much hives.

Lisa Graham Art said...

It looks perfect...and too pretty to eat!

Yvonne said...

Beautiful and I know it taste good too. We used to make all kinds of jams and jellies etc. but not much anymore as we just don't eat it like we used to. I still love to make it though. Last batch was mesquite bean jelly. Ummmm! Gave most of it away.

Gayle Price said...

Yum !! What beautiful looking jars of delicious, sweet, sticky goodness. P.b & J is not done in Australia, don't really know why. I think peanut butter ( or peanut paste as we call it ) has always played second fiddle to our iconic Vegemite and so has never been that popular. I love peanut paste and I love strawberry jam, just not together. xx