Tuesday, June 25, 2013

flotsam and jetsam

today was our annual beachcombing trek up north

it's a tiny little beach at the site of an old dumping ground
and I read in the news that it's slated for environmental cleanup

I pick up the larger pieces of glass for my photo transfers
there's an abundance ... and I have a hard time knowing when to quit
we ended up with about 10 lbs of glass and pottery


here is a close up photo of the tiny bits of glass mixed in with broken shells and pebbles:

and the drive home was through my favorite farmland

all in all - it's been one extremely fine day


*jean* said...

sounds perfect to me...one fine day :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Yes Kimmie this does sound like a wonderful way to spend a summer's day and collect design elements for future works. I can hardly wait to see what you create. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

amy of four corners design said...

such beautiful finds...and lovely scenery...yes, one fine day indeed!

Vero Palazzo said...

great day! and I love your new header too!

Elizabeth said...

I especially love that farmland shot --

Halle said...

What a crazy amount of sea glass in one spot. Gorgeous out there though.

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Oh what a stash of worn glass. I love beachcombing, but I always want to take home the really big logs and hubby says NO....wonder why. Love that farmland shot. xox

Jill said...

Sooooo envious that you can drive to a beach like that for a day outing!

Limner said...

A memorable day. :) Beautiful "nature crafter" treasure. Picturesque scenery. Who could be unhappy on such a day?

Gayle Price said...

What gorgeous photos, and, what a lovely day. Your little beach and the farmland look very beautiful. I'm sure we will see some great "pieces" born from your collected treasure. Thanks too for sharing the Sydney Dance Co. video with your "dancer" friend...I'm so glad she enjoyed it. xx

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow ! That is quite the beach ! How fun to have such a juicy supply of little treasures to play with.
Happy Weekend, Kim!