Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tea on Tuesday

Tea and Happy Mail!

You will have to imagine my palm tree tea mug today :) It is filled with a surprising brew from Oddchick. Chocolate Mint Strawberry tea. The aroma is delicious like candy or a really special birthday cake - but the flavor is bracing and invigorating. It's a wonderful combination to have such a sweet and delicious fragrance linked up with a very "black tea" kind of taste. Personally, I can't stand sweet drinks like "white chocolate peppermint mocha" or "caramel and toasted marshmallow latte" - eeeeew! I'll take this tea instead, and fully satisfy my sense of smell and my sense of taste with seemingly conflicting sensations .....

Oddchick sent me a surprising abundance of teas, treats from her Chapped Chick Online Shop and pieces of her amazing art. Why? Just because. The best part about friendship is the "just because" stuff. 

Tea on Tuesday is also "just because." Why does every post have to have a purpose, meet a challenge or show a new technique? If you stopped by today, it was "just because." Thanks, friend, for stopping by :)

OddChick's beautiful art  - moos, atc's and "chickchat" 
(click on image to enlarge)

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