Sunday, April 23, 2017

rhubarb can be weird

My rhubarb is about 10 years old
I guess it blooms if you've had it that long
It's hard to tell just how big this is,
 but the "flower bud" is about the size of a fist.
The stalk is about as thick as the bottom part of a baseball bat.
Below all this pompous show of plant reproduction, 
I have some lovely new spring stalks
... hence the pie ...
The only thing I created today - ha!


cjsrq said...

I'm not sure that I have ever seen a rhubarb plant in person. Your plant obviously likes living in your garden. And, I have never had rhubarb pie that I liked...maybe I just haven't tried the right one yet. Yours certainly looks delicious!

susan hemann said...

that is amazing! love the pie!

Marilyn Podoll said...

I've read that you should not let your rhubarb "go to seed". We had one plant that had that big flower on it this year also. We cut it off. A couple of weeks ago we were at an estate sale and there was a cookbook of all rhubarb recipes. I've made a Crisp and a Cake and some sauce and given some away. Enjoy your blog. Are you going to talk about the inchie exchange?

Stephanie Jo said...

Our rhubarb (which has also been around a while) blooms every year, too. I always sadly fail to make a pie. Your pie is so pretty.

TinaW said...

Our rhubarb does that, too. It's an old-fashioned strain of rhubarb. You should cut that stalk off so the plant can spend it's energy on making more yummy parts. Your pie looks delicious!

radio flier said...

Thanks Marilyn for the tips! Yes, I will post about the inchie swap once they've all arrived :)