Friday, February 3, 2017

winter makings

It was a day off from my hardware store job today.

I had a need to Make Something.
So I did.

Wool on a spindle. 
It is surprisingly simple to handspin wool 
- peaceful, calming, meditative as well -

Soap in a mold.
Cold process soap with an essential oil blend called "Happy." I Made this! And, yes, this is also surprisingly simple to do.

Wood spools in a dish.
This was a gift brought over by a friend today. Someone who knows how I love to repurpose cast off treasures. So "Something to Make Someday" is what this is.

And rain on the window.
A rainy winter day from The Maker of all things good. It started as snow, ended as rain and I still have 2 more days off.


Ms. said...

That was make wonderful things.

Stephanie said...

What a lovely day of making.

Anonymous said...

You had such a lovely day off. :D