Thursday, October 8, 2015

from the porch

I took these pictures 2 days ago from my porch

... beginning with the Moon ...

this was about 6:45 a.m.

later in the day I tidied up my porch
... all of these things "spark joy" ...
(have you read that book by Marie Kondo?)

 these are the many sticks collected on morning walks

and driftwood from Camano Island
(they are now settled into an old coffee can gifted by a friend)

 my token pumpkin 
(which is really a squash I'll be cooking this later week)

my prized, dried sunflower head

- and finally -
The Sunrise 
it had us all stopped
Standing Still

thank you for your lovely comments and kind words
I really do try to get back to everyone
- sometimes it just takes a little while -


Elizabeth said...

The sunrises and sunsets the last week have been spectacular in southern California, too! I wonder what's up?

Corrine at said...

Love all the lichen on your sticks and precious. How's the shop work going? Enjoying it? xox

Jill said...

Your porch must be very welcoming to those coming. Beautiful and peaceful photos.