Wednesday, June 3, 2015

word soup

... playing with photo transfers again ...
this was a simple magazine page 
which I transferred to glass 
(the technique is fully explained at the end of this post)
I took all the words found in the image:
Georgetown, theatre, gypsy tea house, shoe sale, no turn on red, the big chill, against all odds, etc. and rearranged them into short found poem of sorts

No Sale On Tea Town

Odd George, the red gypsy, and the big theatre houses,
All turn a chill shoe on us today.

It's fun - if I were an art teacher, or a creative writing teacher - this would be an awesome excercise with kids.
Last night I had the pleasure of attending a lecture and book signing with Elizabeth George, who has a new book series for young adults that takes place on Whidbey Island. 
It was inspiring to hear about her creative process. 
She has been writing since the age of seven. Wow - just wow.
Photo transfer how to:

Apply several (5-7) coats of Golden Gel Medium to a magazine image, allowing to dry thoroughly between coats (at least 1 hour each time)
Wait 24 hours after applying the final coat. 
Next: soak your gel coated image in water until the paper begins to dissolve and rubs away easily from the gel "skin"
You may now adhere this "skin" to paper, glass, wood, whatever you desire.
Use gel medium as your adhesive.
That's it.


Corrine at said...

Great technique. Elizabeth George, read them all, a young adult series sounds good. xox

Elizabeth said...

Both things are so cool -- the technique you've demonstrated and the Elizabeth George encounter!

Ms. said...

VERY interesting process.

Jill said...

You do such great work with your transfers! Thanks for sharing another way to do them. I think your hair is great fun...wondering what spurred it? Did you think very long or just swiped on some color on a whim?!

Rebeca Trevino said...

love this technique. i have only tried this with photocopies, i will try it next with magazine images.

ps: how many coats do you apply?
i usually do 6 ~ alternating each layer between horizontal and vertical

Masha Mak said...

sorry to trouble you, what is Golden Gel Medium ?
what does it look like?

Kim Andersen said...

It's a product made by Golden, the acrylic artist paint company. Liquitex also makes a gel medium.

Kim Andersen said...
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Alicia Venditti said...

Do you adhere the side where you rubbed off the paper or the gel medium side?

Kim Andersen said...

I adhere the gel medium side to the back of the glass. The rubbed off paper side remains exposed at the back as with a regular photo transfer. You can then seal the exposed paper side if you wish.