Friday, January 23, 2015

our world

nearly three years ago I wrote this post: 
about the coming of Walmart to the next town over

at that time I had painted the painting below 
trying to capture the beautiful forested ridge that would soon be spoiled

here it is today:

I went in looking for a bathroom rug.
Didn't find one and walked out without a single purchase.
Sadly happy for that.

This store is open 24 hours.
It was eerie to walk through a nearly vacant, buzzing blue lighted store.
Smelling newly minted plastic.
Hearing an arguing, hollow eyed, too skinny, too pale, too young couple (meth? heroine?)
Imagining a forest floor that once was.

Our world.


Jill said...

Oh gosh. No idea what to say but I'm nodding ever so slightly as the corners of my mouth turn slightly downward.

Threads of Inspiration said...

I have to agree with Jill. I want to say something but what is there to say? The world really doesn't need another Wal-Mart...

Joe Artese said...

At least a depressing vision provides us with a longing and potential for a more positive vision, hope, wish and prayer.

Ms. said...

(Aurgh#@#@!) "They paved paradise, put up a parking lot"

Sue Marrazzo said...

What a SWEEt painting! Thanks for sharing your talents!

Corrine at said...

Kind of scary. The blue light got me. I do not shop at Walmart. Been in one once and that was enough. Local and small suits me just fine. Wish your forest was still there, but I do know lots of people need the lower prices to feed their families, but, at what price really are we paying. We'll just have to keep dreaming trees. xox

Elizabeth said...

Yuck. You know what? I've never stepped into a Walmart and I never will. I hope.

Your drawing, on the other hand, is sublime.

Becca said...

I get so depressed if I ever go into a Walmart...I do shop economically, I just prefer Target...still sad even for a Target to lose a forrest. Your painting is lovely though. Oh, and just want to the vintage shops in Monroe. I look forward to going out there again one day. :-)