Saturday, October 27, 2012

refrigerator poetry and other things

 it is cold and drizzly outside

but colorful

and we are indoors with our creativity

one of us is fixing things
(like a broken light switch)
another one is sewing
(an Alice in Wonderland Costume)
another one is working on a 4H project
(growing a rose on it's own root)
and another one is at a friend's house
(probably hanging out and eating candy)

and another one painted a bunch of rocks
(that would be me)

the refrigerator poetry is all anonymous 
and who wrote what is a mystery
(none of it came from me)
don't you just LOVE that?


amy of four corners design said...

love the poetry...and the rocks...

Corrine at said...

Sweet words and projects, love the rocks. xox

Rita said...

Quiet a poetic family!
Love the rocks--especially the birds! :)

Gayle Price said...

Fridge poetry.....have to love that, and your rocks are wonderful, always. A busy and creative family makes for happy times. xx

Ms. said...

gorgeous rocks, fab family...and the poets-well, the poets have deep soul at their fingertips.

sukipoet said...

what fun to find mysteriously penned poems on the fridge.

DAWN said...

I ADORE poetry magnets!! they are genius. I would love to see the Alice costume, hope you will share photos of the "big day". All my goblin are too old to go door to door now.
I love your little birdie rocks. What is it about painting on stones and sticks? it feel primal and yet when you are doing it you feel connected to something bigger. Hm.
Have a fantastic Sunday!

Kim Mailhot said...

Just love that !!!

Enjoy the nesting. There is a cozy joy to it, isn't there ?
Happy Sunday!

Halle said...

How fun to find on the fridge! Love the painted rocks and glass.

sharon said...

The words are magical Kimmie, and the rocks are brilliant!

ooglebloops said...

Always love your rocks and the sea glass(?)ones!! I have refrigerator poetry all over mine also - can't bear to "erase" them, so I started rewriting them in a journal!!!LOL Am back blogging - been sidetracked lately by the ease of "blogging shorthand" on FB. Drop by when you get a chance.....

Dianne said...

quite lovely poetry! and adore your rock 'birds' and trees!

Yvonne said...

Love the words on the frig. The stone birds you painted are wonderful too!. We are still quite warm most days here, spotty rain showers, cool nights, some cool days. Love FALL!

Karen Fields said...

This post helps us to slow down and enjoy the most simple of shapes and colors. :))

Catharina Maria said...

Some day I will do that too !
I love your rocks and seaglass !
Love ♥ Rini♥