Tuesday, February 17, 2009

T on 2 - 2/17

white tea and zen

I have a little quiet time today after a busy 4-day weekend for the kids. I love to do a zentangle to unwind, so I'll be having my white tea, a white chocolate from my stash and my blank zentangle paper with a brand new sharpie. 

It's week 4 on the disintegration project now. I'm so bad with numbers I don't know if it means 4 weeks are over with or we're coming into the 4th week now (calendar math) .... but the pages are having a little zen experience of their own: becoming one with the leaves. 

leaf zen

... these are branches from the maple tree that shelters the disintegration project. I'm noticing the leaf buds emerging. You can't tell from the picture, but the leaf buds are as red as the autumn leaves are on this tree. I wonder why?

 ... and here's a little grape hyacinth poking it's head up out of the earth. I haven't seen the snowdrops come up yet, so this little guy is the winner of this year's race for spring.

No progress on the knitting - argh - my back is giving me fits and sitting and knitting doesn't help. Oh well. 

I WILL be starting a second blog - ooglebloops and J&Z commented on that earlier. I must be "daft" as Larry would say (see lumilyon). But, hey - it's been a year of red wagon (in March) and I think I get bored or something. I'll keep y'all posted on the progress of that .... 

Enjoy your Tuesday - and maybe even try a zentangle - just for fun :)


ELK said...

kimmie as always it is a happy moment to see your visit at my space ...I have a second blog but it is low maintainence...your outside images have a hint of spring coming!

Nettie Edwards said...

Kimmie, I love the sound of your unwinding moments and am now going to find out what a Zentangle is. I'm so delighted that dear old Larry is now being read about all over the world! That would make him chuckle. I'm have also become secretly addicted to comments but have decided to take your lead and "out" myself! Always a pleasure to pop by x

Seth said...

Your disintegration project is looking so organic. Mother nature is definitely working overtime here!

Elizabeth said...

the photos are gorgeous -- thank you for sharing the beautiful sites of spring!