Thursday, April 2, 2015

what I know

These are some of the metalwork  nichos (shrines) I've made in the last 2 weeks. 
I love this "heart on fire" theme. 
It's a common mexican folk art image.
Milagro corazon - or healing heart.

Did you know our hearts have neurons too?
Not just our brains?
It is strangely comforting to know that.
It means that even in the midst of something I don't understand with my mind, my heart can know a thing or two.
How many times have you said,
"I know in my heart ..." -?-
I'm leaning on that knowledge these days.

(clockwise from top)

Love: matchbox, aluminum flashing, aluminum pie tin

Love Covers Us: Altoids tin, aluminum flashing, aluminum pie tin, gold foil, bottle cap

Don't Be a Hater: Altoids tin, aluminum flashing, aluminum pie tin, gold foil, tomato sauce can lid, bottle cap

Love is Kind: Altoids tin, aluminum flashing, aluminum pie tin, wire, Italian Florentine paper


  1. Always the heart knowledge is more reliable than head knowledge, and sometimes they are simply the same thing. I LOVE these.

  2. these are unbelievably beautiful Kim! so simple but so elegant...much like the language of the heart!

  3. Love is the question
    Love is the answer ♥
    Love Love Love what you're creating dear Kimmie.
    Lovely post in every way.
    Happy April
    Happy Spring
    Happy Happy Everything to you and yours

  4. These are lovely Kim! So creative!

  5. Another fabulous group of creations and true sentiment. Lead from the hear and listen to the heart. xox

  6. So very beautiful! Your talent always amazes me. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  7. I have to think about that...the heart and neurons...I guess that's where the impulse to beat comes from. I think it's the nodal something or other. Gosh too many cobwebs in my brain! But, I do know about "knowing in my heart" it's real.


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